About Us

Customer Centric Global IT Solutions

Techiratz Infotech Pvt. Ltd. was founded by a group of experienced professionals with expertise in multiple domains with a common vision to develop reliable business solution with customer in mind. Techiratz Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is an IT start-up offering software solutions for the education, healthcare and other service sector. One of the prime objective of the management is to develop a long standing and fruitful relationship with the customer by providing innovative ideas with creative inputs in applications and solutions that can enhance current business of the customer.

Implementation of modern management systems and upgrading existing arrangements for the overall benefit of healthcare providers and users is envisioned. We hope to alleviate a genuine problem faced by small and medium sized healthcare providers; limited hospital staff catering to a large number of ever increasing users. Overburdened staff leads to dissatisfaction among users due to uncertain appointment commitments and long waiting time for various services. The use of Techiratz’s solutions will help to streamline and resolve these issues and bottlenecks, potentially reducing the number of staff requirements.

Management Team

Abdul Raoof

Chief Executive Officer

Rafeek P I

Chief Operating Officer

Binu Sasidharan

Managing Director


General Manager

Manoj Kumar

Director - Projects

Muhammed Sajid

Head - Digital Marketing

Domain of Expertise

We are proud to successfully develop and deliver hundreds of online projects and products to world-leading companies in various industries such as education, manufactoring, trading and sales, real-estate, e-commerce, healthcare etc. With deep knowledge on a wide range of domains, we can quickly familiar ourselves to your systems and propose best solutions to resolve your problems and challenges.


Being a trusted vendor of Healthcare Software Development Services, we builds booking, telemedicine and telehealth applications for Doctors and Hospitals. As a leading software development company, Techiratz Infotech employs both knowledgeable and skilled experts with industry-specific expertise.


With a goal to deliver better learning opportunities to the future generations, the education industry is stepping towards digital revolution. Our game-driven solutions can help your training and education programmes evolve to new levels. Depending on your organization, goals and wishes, we can recommend one of our solutions.


Techiratz Infotech is a global partner, which is helping brands and companies exploring digital marketplace with our Ecommerce website design & development services. Everything is becoming digital and thus, Ecommerce website is the need of the hour to reach out to your prospective customers and clients worldwide and offer them your services and products directly through the Internet.

Community & Social

Community management software is designed to assist religious organizations with structuring and managing daily operations. Providing tools that deal with all aspects of operating a religious organization, our software assists with membership, event planning, financial reporting, etc. Religious institutions utilize this software to reduce the cost of operations and track finances, inventory, and membership growth.