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Doclive - Tele-medicine app

Doclive mobile app (enhanced version of Mytok engine) helps people who need health care. Doclive mobile app is a complete solution for Doctors and patients with advanced features for booking, tele consultation and live token management. It comes with Online Appointment, Scheduling and live status features. A Lightweight yet fully loaded with features, that gives you all the essential tools.

Implementation of modern management systems and upgrading existing arrangements for the overall benefit of healthcare providers and users is envisioned. We hope to alleviate a genuine problem faced by small and medium sized healthcare providers; limited hospital staff catering to a large number of ever increasing users.

For Doctors & Clinics

Doclive powered application empowers you to reach customers and manage your appointments online. The system effectively prevent appointments when you’re not available and even can set halt when you are not in seat.

Doclive Architecture is a multi layer architecture separating the Database layer, Business Layer and user interface layer. This improves the security of the system, and supports android devices as plug and play model, that can connect to the business layer, by implementing an interfacing layer. The entire system is secured through user roles, which in turn will improve the accountability of the users as every event is tracked.

Key Features

  • In-Clinic Appointment Booking app for clinics
  • Book appointments outside normal operating hours
  • Book appointments from any location*
  • Live token status
  • Video Consultation
  • Automated text reminders ensure your customers keep their commitments
  • User friendly Graphical Interface
  • Applicable to General Practitioners and specialist clinics
  • User friendly workflow
  • Upgradable interface for future expansion plans of the clinics
  • Adjust cost and duration on the fly
  • Patient registration will sync across multiple devices, making it super handy
  • User friendly Interface

    Ease of use

    The app is designed in such a way that it take only very little time for a user to achieve a certain degree of familiarity with the interface.

    Minimum number of Steps

    Minimum number of steps and booking can be done in a few seconds, the system automatically shows your live token status.

    Time Management

    A complete package to accurately manage and control your precious time while token booking and visiting a doctor/clinic.

    Live Token Status

    Live status of your booked token will be displayed on the clinic's TV screen and the same status will be updated on your mobile screen on realtime.

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