Smart Library

Library Management System

Library Management - System

We have developed a cost effective smart library system for the complete automation of libraries in educational institutions. By providing a safe, secure and user friendly software, we engage our clients to be a part of Digital India programme.

We provide assistance for the digitalisation of library books, at an additional cost, which can be uploaded to our smart library software

Key Features

  • Registration portal for students to access e-books and study materials available in smart library.
  • Teachers login portal for the distribution, management and monitoring study materials.
  • Specific access for librarians to add or remove e-books and for the management of physical books in libraries.
  • 500 complimentary e-books are provided along with our smart library software.
  • Cloud storage and back up of software guarantees 24/7 uptime and reduced hardware maintenance costs
  • Other Features

  • Digital Reading/Study material distribution management
  • Access of Books/Notes through mobiles/desktops/tabs
  • Distribution of class notes by individual subject teachers
  • User management and Security
  • Inventory of library Books and documents
  • Logs/CMS/Cloud storage
  • Access to Bona fide users

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